Steve in the Sierras

A software engineer living in the Santa Cruz mountains near Silicon Valley in California, Steve Barnhouse studied French and comparative literature at Beloit College and math and computer science at the University of Pittsburgh. He spent three years as a Lisp programmer at the Stanford University Knowledge Systems Lab, and from 1988 on, he has worked at various startups and small companies in Silicon Valley as a software design and development engineer, programming primarily in C, C++, and C#.

Experienced in the full software development lifecycle, Steve has shipped real products to real customers. He has practical hands-on experience designing, architecting, and writing complex software for a variety of applications from low-level communication protocols to desktop user-interface and web development.

Software Consulting.

Do you need help with a software project? Are you trying to establish an on-line presence for your business? Confused by all the high-tech hype and jargon? Maybe you're wondering if you should care about "Web 2.0" or the "Social Web?"

Steve has a broad range of experience in web site design and application development and deployment. He can help you with:

  • web site design and development, including usability issues;
  • coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • iPhone and other mobile apps;
  • e-commerce applications and on-line payment systems;
  • web-hosting and analytics;
  • and of course, questions about Facebook, Twitter, and the Social Web!


New Sky Software logo

As part of operating a software consulting business, Steve founded New Sky Software, a software application and service development company to address the frustrations of small business owners in niche markets. Too many professional software development agencies talk down to the small business owner and create an aura of techno-confusion. Too many low-cost software development shops fail to communicate with their clients or deliver inadequate cookie-cutter solutions.

New Sky Software's Goals.

The products we create will be simple, intuitive, and effective. Our products will make your life easier, not more complicated.

We will listen to you, our customers. We will be responsive to your goals. We will hold your confidence and trust.

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